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Interview questions to consider

Questions you should be prepared to answer:

  • Tell me about yourself (touch on major highlights/accomplishments, no more than a couple of minutes)
  • Why are you leaving your current position? (never speak negative about current or previous employers)
  • What are your career goals?
  • What would your manager say about you? What would your peers say about you?
  • What are you looking for in your next job/employer?
  • What are some accomplishments or goals you have surpassed that made you stand out?
  • What type of style of manager do you work best with?
  • How do you deal with: a) problem solving b) organizing time/priorities c) conflict or confrontation?

Questions you should ask:

  • What are the expectations of the person coming into this position in the first six months? What are the long-run expectations of this position?
  • What was the tenure of the last individual in this position?
  • What is the organizational chart of this department and company?
  • What characterizes people who are successful in this organization?
  • If meeting with hiring manager ask “What attracted them to this organization?”
  • How do I compare with other candidates you have interviewed for this position? What shortcomings, if any do you see?
  • What is the company’s anticipated growth? How does it compare to their industry.
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